On the road....


 Every now and then, trucks burst into flames. Here's a white one.


 Terry had a monster hamburger at Heathrow airport.

 A lizard clinging to a stone wall. This shot was taken from above.


 On several occasions during our trip, we would drive through construction zones on the highway. These were always preceeded by a man waving a flag to tell motorists to slow down. On one occasion however, they decided to use a robot that looked like a person (at least from a distance) Click here for the quicktime movie.


 In La Coruña, the hostel we stayed in had this particularly sinister playground ride. Children are supposed to pedal a pair of heavy cast iron flywheels to make the merry-go-round turn. The whole thing rides on a thin steel rail, and the combined weight of the metal structure, flywheels, and children would be well over 200 pounds. Any body parts that got caught under one of those wheels would be seriously mangled!